IBSSA (International Body Guard & Security Service Association)


International Department for Strategic Studies against Crime and Terrorism.

Information - Training - Application in the Operational Area

Department Director:

Dr. Antonio M. la Salandra Interntional Expert

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The International Department against Crime and Terrorism

The Department offers an information, courses and professionalization program for security professionals in the fight against organized crime and terrorism through the knowledge of its director and specialists who will work alongside him. This complex offers the opportunity to examine topics including the cause of public violence, public policies in global economies, and the methods involved in developing strategies for addressing extremist threats against citizens, businesses and other critical targets.



The official international association of private security, manpower and technical resources, technological companies and individual members of the profession.

The IBSSA is a non-profit international association involved in organising, coordinating, giving assistance, technical help and development to its members worldwide in the field of security in all its forms. The association was registered in France in 1994, and in the USA in 2000.

The Honorary Founding President of the IBSSA is H.R.H. Prince Adan CZARTORYSKI BORBON, and currently the President of IBSSA is Prof. George POPPER, who was elected to this position in 1998 during the IBSSA Congress in Budapest, Hungary and then he was re-elected in 2003, in 2008 and in 2013 at the Annual Congresses.

The IBSSA has grown into a huge international organisation, which is represented today in more than 120 countries, through its members IBSSA represents hundred thousands of security professionals, different security companies, security experts or organisations from the private sector. Members of the Association are up to date in the latest crime prevention tools, and the regional offices, representatives of the IBSSA assist their work regularly.

Among the IBSSA members there are many still active or retired generals, state presidents, ministers, celebrities and prominent personalities, as well as world respected technical and security companies, firearm and other accessories shops, well-known bodyguards, top international police officers and security experts.

The information services of IBSSA:

The IBSSA has several publications of its official magazine “Bodyguard and Security”, which contains articles about the activities of its representatives, member corporations, individuals, Instructors and Bodyguards as well as information about our associated organisations in the past 10 years.

Other official magazines of IBSSA: Detektor Plusz Magazine, HEKUS (Police) Magazine, and the Diplomatic Magazine

The IBSSA offers the services and possible partnership of its members to a worldwide audience. The IBSSA holds a Congress each year. During the Congress a security exhibition might be organised. Members have the right to introduce their activities and products during the Congress or other such events.

The IBSSA Training Program:

The main training centres are located in Belgium, Croatia, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, and the USA. The training centres, recognised by the IBSSA, incorporate the expertise of international instructors and Master Teachers of the profession.

There are basic and advanced courses as well as general and special thematic such as shooting, self-defence, martial arts, specialist driving, close combat, escorting, first aid, bodyguarding, EP, etc. Training sessions are always available. After each officially organised training an internationally recognised diploma will be issued. Security guards, bodyguards and other experts or instructors are entitled to carry an IBSSA passport also.

Based on the same program (thematic) there are training camps organised in Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Gambia, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and also in Hungary, or in case of demands in any other countries. The member country, organising the training seminar, is fully responsible and will ensure all necessary insurance that is provided for the members. If more detailed information is required, please contact the IBSSA Headquarters or representatives of the Education and Qualification Department.



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